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About Our Massage Therapy

If you need help finding a massage therapy clinical practice in Waco, TX, look no further than the Skyn Spa. Our massage therapists have the necessary training in complementary and alternative medicine to provide you with the relaxation and relief you need. Book your appointment today!

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Types of Massage Therapy Offered:

Relaxation Massage

This basic type of massage uses light to medium pressure to soothe the mind and body.

Deep Tissue Massage

As a type of therapeutic massage that helps relieve pain, deep tissue massage involves applying pressure to the soft tissues located below the top muscles.

Swedish Massage

In a Swedish massage, the masseuse rubs the muscles with long, kneading strokes, applies circular pressure with the palms, and lightly taps the top muscles to improve circulation and ease tension.

Trigger Points Massage

This targeted massage technique focuses on releasing tight knots.

Sports Massage

A sports massage homes in on soft tissue pain to increase flexibility, reduce blood pressure, and help you avoid injury during physical activity.


Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Whether or not you have a particular health condition, massage and bodywork should be an integral part of your health care because it improves:

  • Pain

  • Blood circulation

  • Blood pressure

  • Flexibility

  • Athletic performance

  • Posture

  • Mental health

  • Headaches

  • Focus

  • Sleep

  • Diabetes

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