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Meet the staff

Meet our Staff

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I am a native Texan with a 20 year career in Physical Therapy. I started The Skyn Spa in 2018 with a desire to help others feel better in their own skin.  

As a mother and a wife, I understand the importance of feeling confident, healthy and loving the way you look. 


One of my strongest passions is bringing the latest technology and amazing services for fat loss, skin toning, and tattoo removal and more to the Central Texas community!

When I see a client look in the mirror and the light comes back in their eyes because that person they once loved is in front of them again; my love for what I do every day grows even more.  There are few things more rewarding than helping someone love themselves again.  

As a Certified Laser Technician, and Safety Officer, I take my position very seriously in providing safe, quality treatment for all of our clients.

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"I want every person that comes into the salon to feel not
only beautiful but feel like once they walk out the door... they can conquer the world."


Working as an esthetician is rewarding on so many levels. Feeling the energy and excitement of clients coming in for a treatment, or serval treatments allows me to feed off that energy to deliver amazing results.


After the treatments are all done I’m emotionally rewarded even further by the pleasure that the client gets out of the treatment.

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