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We plan to make some changes due to COVID-19

Dear The Skyn Spa clients,



We are making some changes at this time to allow us to slowly and safely reopen and see clients.  We are committed to keeping our staff and our clients safe during this time. 


* We will be allowing only ONE client during any scheduled session. Please understand that we can't allow spouses, friends or children to accompany you in the building at this time.


* We will continue to thoroughly clean between each client as we have always done.


*We will wear masks and or gloves if needed during sessions, and encourage clients who have a mask to do so as well.


We are asking if any clients have risk of exposure or who have traveled in the last 2 weeks to please reschedule appoints a minimum of 2 weeks from exposure or travel.    If you, or anyone in your family are exhibiting any symptoms associated with the virus we ask that you reschedule appointments for 2 weeks after the symptoms have subsided. Any scheduling changes can be done online or by calling or texting us at 254-235-2900



Thank you so much for sticking with us.  We look forward to supporting each other during these challenging times.



The Skyn Spa 

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